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What Is A Lifetime Warranty?

A lifetime warranty for us at Pinglinks means exactly that " A Lifetime Warranty "

We stand behind our products. We're meticulous with our suppliers and only purchase the best quality. That means that if something doesn't work, we never want the customer to feel disappointed with our items. So once something goes bad, and it has that Pinglinks stamp on it, you can bring it back to any of our locations islandwide. 

So next time you're going to buy a charger, look for the Pinglinks stamp. It will be the last charger you ever buy. 

That is, of course, unless you lose it. Or drop it in the toilet. Or your dog bites it up.

Or your children use it as a skipping rope. Then you can buy another one. 😉

If you bring it back without any visible signs of negligence or tampering, we'll give you a new one, and you don't even need to bring a receipt.


Can I Exchange At Any Location?

You can exchange the charging cables can be at any of our branches or locations island wide. 

Just show the attendant the cable with the Pinglinks stamp, and they will give you a new one. You can use the map to find the location nearest to you.



Standard Warranty for accessories like cases, screens and electronics are backed by varying degrees from one week, to thirty days to one year.

Ask the sales representative for the applicable warranty when purchasing the item.


What If We Can't Fix

Your Phone?

Pinglinks will charge a small fee of $500 for anything we look at, but can't fix. We are going to try everything before we decide that. Some phones are just too far gone, but we don't feel that we should add to your misery by charging you ridiculous amounts of money for something we couldn't make better.

See All Of Our Service Agreements

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South Avenue Branch: 876-276-PING(7464)
Constant Spring Branch: 876-564-PING(7464)

Open Monday - Saturday 10AM to 6PM

Closed Sundays & Public Holidays


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