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Our beloved Flag Ship Product!The Lifetime Warranty Cable

If you don't know about our Lifetime Warranty Cable you are seriously missing out (and wasting nuff money!). The concept is simple - no matter what brand we have ever carried one thing remains certain: As sure as the sun will rise, your cable will eventually go bad.

We saw the frustration that customers had in having to spend over and over on replacements so we decided to do something about it which is to simply stand behind what we are selling 100%.

Once you buy our cable, you become a part of our family and we will replace it for life no questions asked. As long as you have it physically to bring back for a replacement - you will get a brand new one when its done-zo.

It's a tall and bold statement to say Lifetime Warranty - but we believe in providing the ultimate value. We are by no means saying that our cables are indestructible, but when/if it goes bad we got your back.

We currently have lifetime warranty cables in:

Lightning to USB A

USB Type-C to USB A

Micro USB to USB A

With the new iPhones now coming with Type-C to Lightning, we have started production to bring this to you within the next few weeks.

Stay tuned!

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