KTM-351 TV Wall Mount 32-70" Tilt
  • KTM-351 TV Wall Mount 32-70" Tilt


    Functional and slim design for the optimal viewing angle


    Make the most of your space and dramatically enhance your viewing potential with this sleek, high-quality TV mount, designed to fit flat and curved screens with a size ranging from 32in to 70in. This low profile mount with easy-grip system and tilting design is ideal for home cinema use as it will let you position your TV screen at the optimal viewing angle. It features a sturdy metal construction with open architecture for increased ventilation. Its innovative click-in spring locking mechanism helps to snap the TV mounting arms into place for extra safety. This functional VESA compliant mount is easy to install, so you can set it up and start enjoying your favorite movies and shows within minutes!



    • Tilt TV mount compatible with 32 to 70in flat and curved TVs, weighing up to 110lb
    • Features a low-profile design that allows it to sit just 1.5in from the wall to complement the look of ultra-thin TVs
    • Automatically click-in spring locking mechanism provides extra safety as it helps to snap the mounting arms into place
    • Convenient lateral sliding to the left and right side for proper viewing angle alignment
    • Tilts 0° -8° for smooth movement and optimal viewing
    • Includes a bubble level to ensure proper positioning
    • Environmentally friendly design contributes to reduce manufacturing waste
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