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Here are the LG Batteries that we currently have in stock:



Product name SKU
LG  BL-59JH Lucid2 VS870 Enact Optimus F3 Battery 46202
LG  BL-T6 Optimus GK F220, F220L, F220S Battery 46207
LG Battery BL-53YH / G3 LGG3B
LG BL-44E1F V20 Battery 212935
LG BL-44JH Optimus L7 P700 Battery 46198
LG BL-45B1F V10 F600 Battery 46192
LG BL-49KH Optimus P936 Spectrum VS920 Battery 46200
LG BL-51YF  G4 Battery 46203
LG BL-53QH Optimus 4X P880 VS930 P765 Battery 46206
LG BL-54SG Optimus G2 F320 D800 Battery 46205
LG BL-54SH Optimus F7 LG870 US870 Battery 46201
LG BL-T11 G Flex F340 Battery 46199
LG BL-T3 Intuition VS950 Optimus Vu F100 Battery 46191
LG BL-T5 Nexus 4 Battery 46194
LG BL-T7 G2 D800 LS980 D801 VS980 Battery 46197
LG BL-T8 G Flex D955, D958, D950, F340L Battery 46195
LG FL-53HN/ P990 P999 Battery 46193
LG G5 BL-42D1F Battery VS987 H820 H830 LS992 US992 H850 H858 137601


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